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Can Anyone Cast Magic Spells?


I often get asked how I studied to be a powerful spellcaster, and if anyone can cast spells.

The answer?

"Can anyone use magic and cast spells?"

Absolutely! The power to reshape and reform energy into will, is a power existing inside all of us. Just like intuition exisits in all of us. And the more we use it and the more we train it, the stronger it will get, and the more powerful results that you will achieve.

However, just because everyone has this skill and this power insude of them, doesn't mean it comes naturally to everyone.

Think of it like other artistic gifts and talents. Like being a gifted painter, or someone with a signing voice so beautiful it sounds like an angel.

Do we all have the ability to sing? Unless your vocal cords have been damaged - yes! Everyone of us can learn how to sing.

Now, if you are as a horrible singer as I am, you realize that just because we all 'can' sing, doesn't mean that everyone has equal talent. Some people can achieve a beautiful voice with just a little bit of practice. Some need a lot more practice and techniques. Some people (like me) would have such a long way to go to even be able to sound tolerable while in the shower, that it's just easier to turn on the radio and listen to someone else's voice.

Then there are those incredibly talented singers who somehow just seemed to be born that way. I knew a family of 8, who really were that 'music family'. Every one of them had some absolutely incredible talent with singing or playing an instrument. Even the littlest girl, at only 4 years old was out-performing people who had studied music their whole lives. Everyone always said music was just in their genes.

The 'musical family' example is how I was brought into magic. I was born into it. I come from a long line of women who are easily able to tap into that power inside of us, and use it to change the energies around us, for the good of all. And most of us have also strengthed what we born with even more through the formal study of Wicca. Taking our natural gifts and seeking out masters in the best covens, in order to learn how to make our natural abilites even stronger, and grow our gifts as powerful as they can be.

So yes, you can learn how to do magic yourself. Learning how to tap into your inner self to cast magic spells is within each and every one of you.

If you think you can feel this ability kind of tingling inside of you, I encourage you to pay attention to that feeling, and work on growing your gift. Read, study, learn how to meditate, practice focusing your energies, and work on strengthing the psychic 'muscle' that is within all of us. You will find it helps you in many ways, even if yu decide to never actually cast any spells.

Some people will pick up these gifts and magical abilites quickly, others will struggle with it a little more. As long as you love it though, keep at it!

I know not everyone has the time and patience to work on growing their gifts. If you want a spell done by someone who already has the know-how, I am often available to create and cast a custom spell for you. I work with most love matters (finding love, bringing a past love back, fidelity spells, sexual matters, keeping enemeies from intefering in your love life, divorce spells) as well maters of money, career, friendship, family, and spiritual well-being.

Check out my Spells Page for more information, or Contact Me with questions.

Blessed Be,


Copyright current as of December 2013


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