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Custom Spells F.A.Q.

What Do Do When You Cast A Spell?
Please read the section "About the Spells" for detailed information on this.

Is this Satanism?
Heavens no! I work only with good, and natural powers. I have no desire to mess with any dark forces of the universe, and I recommend you do the same!

I am Christian/Jewish/etc will this work for me?
Witchcraft can work for anyone, regardless of your belief system. You do not need to convert, or change your ways of thinking. The universe sees all people as equal.

How Long Does It Take For A Spell To Work?
Generally speaking, results begin to occur for most people between 1 week to 1 month after the spell casting is complete. I have actually seen people see results almost immediately after they ordered a spell, but that is rare. (note - even if you see results immediately, it is important to finish out all the spell work at that point in time) I also have a few exceptions where a client would email me 7 or 8 months after having me cast a spell to say that the work had finally been a success! It is hard to predict exactly when you will see results, but the above are some general rules.

Why Can't I Do A Spell Myself?
You certainly can! In fact, I now offer Spell Kits, if you want to try it yourself. There are also many sources on the internet that will provide you with free spells, as well as many books available. However, the difference in you casting a spell, and having me cast it for you, is the experience involved. Spells are complicated things, and requre a lot of training, and sometimes innate ability, to be powerful. It is similar to, say, changing your oil, or unclogging a drain. You could certainly try it yourself - or you could call in a professional!

Will You Do Health Related Spells?
I will do health related spells, such as weight loss and weight gain. Spell work and meditation can also be of great success for people with more serious issues, however I will recommend that these situations be treated primarily by a medical doctor. If you have any health concerns, please see your physician.


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